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Moving is important, but doing the right thing to move is not that always easy for some individuals. However, designing a comprehensive moving checklist will be of importance to stay on the track leading up to, during, and after the moving day. Running a moving checklist to begin preparation for an early move is a nice idea when relocating, as this will provide enough time to plan ahead what to move and what to discard.

Tips for Moving Checklist in organizing a move

There are several moving checklist for organizing a move, moreover, having a planned workout moving checklist is necessary as this will ease off both the unpacking and packing of household properties, office properties, and others. Let’s consider an individual planning to do a moving checklist for relocation for eight weeks (running at 2 weeks interval), before the main moving day and after the moving day. He will have to consider the following;

Moving checklist eight weeks

  • Firstly, the individual will make a contact for movers and also an arrangement for the moving day.
  • Removing of items from the basement, storage room, and garage e.t.c.
  • Obtaining information concerning the new city or state to be relocated to by making contact with either chamber of commerce or tourism bureaus.
  • Making use of food stuff first so as to prevent spoilage
  • Make a budget for the moving expenses and also having a move file to track receipts, quotes, and other better information.

Week six moving checklist

  • Make a contact list of everyone you must notify for your move; such as creditors, professional’s contact, friends, family members, subscriptions and others.
  • Seek your insurance agent to know what changes are needed in your new policy concerning your relocation.
  • Contacting your family or personal doctor for referral in your new city or state for the best.
  • Arrangement of school documents, business files, legal records and other records.
  • Moving of valuable items that are difficult to replace such as a certified mailbox.

Week four moving checklists

  • Ordering of boxes and large containers, with other supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard sheets, sealable plastic bags, plastic stretch wrap, dish barrels, and wardrobe boxes.
  • Running a check on the dimensions of each room on your new home or office, making sure that your previous furniture’s can fit in.
  • Make use of a binder to keep quality tracking of everything you have spent, such as receipts.
  • Disposing of all flammable materials, filling out an official change of address form with authority in the area.
  • Confirmation of all paperwork with the chosen mover and cross check all documents for proper insurance sake.
  • Make a room by room packing.
Week two moving checklist
  • Settling of outstanding debts with local merchants returned all borrowed books from the library, and drain oil and gas from various equipment such as lawn mowers and snow blowers.
  • Give a specific direction of your new home for moving company hired and also provide contact information when reached.
  • Start making use of boxes, large containers to pack in some items, disconnection of major appliances and prepare them for the move.
  • Defrost of freezer and refrigerator, removing all perishable items from it.

Moving day checklist

  • Call the mover you hired, and make sure you have his contact, name, DOT number and also run a confirmatory call from his company to make sure he is the right person assign for the job.
  • Have a glance and proper understanding on the bill of lading and inventory and read through carefully before signing the documents and all other documents.
  • Recording of utility meter for electric, water, gas, hydro, e.t.c.
  • Finally, follow the allied time for the moving of your property.
  • Make sure all your properties are in the right places for packing as already arranged and order for packing.

After the moving day moving checklist

  • Keep all documents in your move file and store in a diary or an easy to remember the location for reference purpose.
  • Rearranging of all packed items and contacting of a local paper for a new subscription.
  • Start enjoying your new home.
These various moving checklist in organizing a move will be of great importance and should be done with less stress.

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