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California RepublicIf you’re looking for an A-plus California long distance moving company, you’ve come to the right place! ABS Moving California was established over two decades ago and is still going strong, performing long distance moves in California as well as throughout the rest of the continental United States. Take advantage of ABS Movers’ excellent, reliable services at competitive rates that won’t stretch your wallet. Contact ABS Movers CA to learn more.

Professional Long Distance Moving Services by ABS Movers California

ABS Movers California offers professional long distance moving services with integrity. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy, should you choose to use ABS Moving CA:

  • Long distance moving crews that consist of highly-trained, professional movers with over a decade of experience
  • Packing of your goods by professional movers using innovative, appropriate packing materials and moving tactics
  • Conscientious moving of your household goods—from grand pianos to small boxes of china
  • Consistently excellent customer service that always puts you, the customer, first
  • Access to tracking on your goods being moved via phone
  • Access to moving updates through Facebook or Twitter
  • International moving services
  • Affordable rates based on five elements:
    1. Weight
    2. Distance
    3. Packing Materials
    4. Valuation Insurance
    5. Accessorial Charges
  • Free long distance moving quotes. Contact ABS Movers California for a free quote!

ABS Moving CA Storage Options

ABS Moving California has found that storage can be a source of distress when it comes to long distance moving. You want to make sure that whichever storage facility you choose is not only secure and environment controlled, but that they will not misplace your stored goods! ABS Movers California takes great care in providing the highest quality storage services possible. We will coordinate your storage in a safe, controlled, organized environment, saving you the headache of having to do it yourself! If you book your long distance move with ABS Moving CA now, you can take advantage of our one free month of storage promotion! Click here to learn more.

ABS Movers California Makes Do-It-Yourself Moving Simpler!

Because ABS Movers California is so dedicated to meeting the needs of every client, we provide alternative long distance moving services that allow clients to pack and unpack their goods themselves! This is a great option for someone on a tighter budget or whose preference simply happens to be doing things themselves. Should you choose to do the unpacking and packing yourself, ABS Moving can provide you with a moving container that will allow you more flexibility.

How does it work?

  1. Contact ABS Movers and discuss which size moving container you need.
  2. Schedule the drop-off of your moving container.
  3. Pack your home up at your leisure based on your time frame.
  4. Schedule a pick-up time for your moving container.
  5. ABS Movers California will do the rest, transporting or storing your container.
  6. Unpack your container once it reaches its destination.

No matter what your budget or timeline, ABS Moving California will work with you to coordinate the services you need and can afford. As a long distance moving company, we are appropriately licensed and insured, hire only the best movers which must first undergo extensive background checks and provide tailored long distance moving experiences. If you’re looking for a professional, long distance moving company that services California as well as the other continental states, turn to ABS Movers! You won’t be sorry.

To learn more about our long distance moving services, contact ABS Moving California at 1.800.511.3683 or click here.

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