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ABS Moving ArizonaAvoid the headache of long distance moving and use a company you can trust! ABS Movers Arizona is a full-service moving company that provides first-class customer service and long distance moving services. We will take the time to discuss your moving needs and help you to determine the best way to stay within budget while also providing long distance moving services that make sense for the volume of goods you need to transport. Take advantage of our free quotes and contact us today!

Simple Suggestions for Preparing for Your Long Distance Move

As a seasoned long distance moving company, ABS Moving AZ knows how stressful long distance moving can be. To help get you moving in the right direction we have come up with some great tips to help you prepare for moving far away from your current home:

  1. Come up with a moving budget – Take the time to sit down and create a budget for your long distance move. It will help you to determine which long distance company fits your specific needs, what types of moving services best suit your budget and what volume of goods you want to aim for transporting.
  2. Get rid of unnecessary/unused items – ABS Movers Arizona suggests letting go of anything you do not want or need. This will help lighten your moving load and get rid of some of the clutter! You can donate, throw out or sell anything you do not wish to transport during your long distance move. You may even want to consider organizing a yard sale, which can be a great way to recycle unused or unwanted things!
  3. Research your new area of residence – Whether you’re moving long distance in Arizona or moving from Arizona out of state, it’s probably a good idea to do some research on your new city. Look into the local restaurants, school system, amenities, entertainment options, etc. If you do this, then after ABS Moving AZ helps to get you settled into your new home you’ll be more comfortable with your new surroundings.

Storage by ABS Movers AZ

If you’re planning a long distance move, you may want to consider using storage during or after your move. If storage may make your move a bit simpler, make sure you choose a company that will assist you with storage as well long distance moving. ABS Moving Arizona will do all of the heavy lifting and storage for you! ABS Movers AZ provides environment controlled, secure storage for your household goods should you need it while moving in Arizona. Take advantage of our promotion for storage services and receive one month of free storage from ABS Movers Arizona when you use us for your next long distance move! Contact us today to learn more about our storage promotion! ABS Moving Arizona Makes Moving More Flexible!

Because ABS Movers AZ is dedicated 100% to meeting the needs of every client, we provide alternative long distance moving services that allow our customers to pack and unpack their goods themselves. This is a great option for someone on a tighter budget or whose preference simply happens to be doing things themselves. Should you choose to do the unpacking and packing yourself, ABS Moving AZ can provide you with a moving container that will allow you more flexibility.

If you still have questions about long distance moving or if you’re ready to begin coordinating your long distance move with ABS Movers Arizona, contact us at 1.800.511.3683 or click here to visit our web site.

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